Scouting camps for children

Dear parents, it is our pleasure to present you a program of our scouting camp for children. During your stay on the mountain we created a program for your children so they can spend great time on Kopaonik while parents can enjoy their free time.

Who are we?

Adventure center Kopaonik employs experts in this area, sports teachers as well as guides who are admirably familiar with the mountain and nature. Our team has long experience working with young and school children.


Nowadays children lose contact with nature, they don’t gain enough knowledge and skills that children of their age had decades ago.
With latest technologies children spend more and more time indoor and don’t go out as much as they are supposed to.

We offer various skills on the camp that children will acquire by playing and meeting with other children, they will spend time in nature, gain new friendships and explore nature in completely new and fun way. They will boast to their friends in school how they crossed boundaries of their courage and became heroes – young scouts.

During various activities children will participate in different orienteering activities, gain team spirit, they will learn how to set fire, find out different ways to tie knots, etc. In the end they will have long lasting memories they will be sharing with their new friends.