Safari tour consists of touring different tourist attractions of Kopaonik mountain such as its flora and fauna. We will drive around the mountain in special off-road vehicles.

Participants will have an opportunity to enjoy exciting and comfortable drive around Kopaonik in completely new and interesting way. We will visit peaks of Kopaonik with breathtaking views, visit wide center of Kopaonik where they will have an opportunity to enjoy forest life. Our guide will tell you different cultural, historical, geographical and botanic peculiarities.

Depending on the tour we can organize lunch on some locations.
We have various tours, organized on several locations with different timings.
In the last several years most popular tours to Nebeske stolice is organized for families with young children – observing sun set on Pancic peak.

Nebeske stolice

The tour starts from the tourist center of Kopaonik. We go from there, across Paja’s preslo and Krcmar, to the archeological site Nebeske stolice which is the spot of breathtaking view on one part of Kosovo and Southern Serbia. After a short break and brief visit to the site we head to the Karaman part of Kopaonik and we reach the Karaman ridge where we have a traditional breakfast in a log tavern called Vucija staza (1900m above sea level). After breakfast we follow the ridge and come to Mali Karaman peak and then a stone peak Jaram where we will see magma rocks, i. e. stone granite figures. While coming back to the center we will admire a trail across dense spruce forest.

Price per person – 15 eur

Sun Set from Pancic peak

Observing the Sun set on Pancic peak is mostly for young people because driving is filled with adrenalin and after we reach Pancic peak we will slouch into lazy bags where you can comfortably observe the Sun setting behind mountain ranges in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a breathtaking view as you can see Western Serbia turning lights on in cities. There are no words that could explain this experience.

We can also include DJ and cold drinks so we can finish the tour in our shiny vehicles while coming back to the tourist center.

Price per person – 10 EUR


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