This activity includes visiting most interesting locations on Koponik by van or jeep vehicles depending on number of participants and picnic type. There are various interesting locations in the vicinity of the tourist centers such as waterfalls, geysers, spas, canyons, lakes. As some locations are a bit distant it is the best to reach the locations by car and then organize tours from there.

Jelovarje waterfall-Metodje-Eagle rocks
Samokovka river – Djorov most – Josanicka Banja

Departure from the center

*Driving to the Jelovarnik waterfall – 35km

Driving across the mountain and passing mountain villages of the area on the eastern side of the mountain we will pass Duboka reserve and then we reach Jelovarnik and its waterfall.

* Jelovarnik waterfall – tour (45 min)

While we hike along a pedestrian trail and crossing few wooden bridges in thick centennial breech forest we will hear astonishing sound of the waterfall. Hidden in the forest on 1116m above sea level (highest point) it has three cascades (71m in total). It is a natural reserve and the highest waterfall in Serbia.

After a refreshing hike through the canyon a grand waterfall will appear before us, magnificent and unique with all its beauty and grandeur. Hidden and transparent river with its blue and green color is in free falling for seventy meters. We will have a short break next to the waterfall so we can make few photos of the waterfall.

We come back to the vans and then:

*driving for 20 min

*Metodje – tour – 120 min

Holy place of Kopaonik locals is a mysterious source hidden in crags of Brzecka river. Walking through dense breech forest for 35min leads us to the ancient holy place and geyser Metodje. Metodje is a natural reserve within the national park of Kopaonik, it is characteristic for its 5m tall geyser with cold water. There is also a medieval mine close by and some natural peculiarities. Then we come back to our vans and then:

*drive for 20 min

*Eagle rocks – tour

In the last part of our tour we will stop just before Jaram and walk to one of the must beautiful locations on Kopaonik – Eagle rocks. There are many endemic plants and birds that inhabit this area. The location is also famous for magnificent view. After visiting this location we drive back to the tourist center (5min).

Total activity duration: 5 hours

15 min drive

Samokovka river canyon – 45 min tour

We reach the pedestrian trail of the Samokovka river canyon which is specific as it passes through two natural reserves – Samokovka river and Kozje cliffs. The canyon is abundant with slopes and springs. This trail connects two most famous picnic places on Kopaonik – Kadijevac and Djorov most. Astonishing view to Kozje cliffs is most attractive as the one can see an artificial 18 km long canal dug though cliffs by one local. The nature is intact and centennial forests of fir tree, breech and oak gradually change their place to one another. You can enjoy in forest strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and currants. We reach Djorov most where we will make a short break and we can also prearrange lunch at this place.


During summer, when the air in cities are unbearable you can enjoy fresh mountain air. After 15 min drive we reach Josanicka Banja. It is located on the slopes of Kopaonik (24km) in the valley of Josanica and Samokovka rivers. It is on 550m above sea level and it is a spa. The spa is full of greenery and forests of banjski borjak (black pine tree that grows on 29 hectares). There is a Turkish spa with massage rooms. There is also a pool as well as aqua park next to few restaurants so it is a great location for family picnic. Josanicka Banja was also a hometown of WWI Serbian heroine Milunka Savic.

After visiting the spa we head back to Kopaonik – 35min.

Total tour duration – 5h

Driving for 15 min

*Treska – tour (40 min)

Treska is one of prominent peaks of Flat Kopaonik with its cony summit Siljak (1622m), which is grandiose and a destination of many visitors of Kopaonik.

We drive to a cliff Pojilo (1632m) where we start climbing Treska until we reach Siljak (1622). You can enjoy marvelous blueberries and raspberries while you walk but also clean air and picturesque landscapes of mountain meadows. Since early spring until late autumn you can find many mushroom species of high quality around this area. You can enjoy in amazing view from Siljak towards Radocelo, Golija, Ravni and Banjski Kopaonik. On clear days the one can see summits of Sar planina, Komovi and Durmitor. Treska is a habitat of different flora and fauna like endemic violet, wolf, hawk, etc. We come back to our vehicles and drive for 35 minutes until we reach our next destination – Waterfall of Barska river. We will make a short break and admire the Waterfall of Barska river and its surrounding.

Tokom vožnje do Semeteškog jezera konstatno se pruža odličan pogled na sever Kosova i Rašku oblast.

After the waterfall we drive to the Lake of Semetes (a lake with floating islands)

The lake of Semetes is located on the slopes of Kopaonik next to the village of Semetes. It is 80m long, 60m in diameter and 4m deep. Underground springs flow into the lake. Locals claim the lake is very mysterious. Special peculiarities are islands that float along the lake as wind moves the islands due to trees that grow on them. Average temperature of the water is 10 degrees Celsius. There is an ethno restaurant next to the lake where we tourists can have a drink or they can walk around the lake or row in a wooden boat across the lake. Then we drive back to the tourist center.

Total tour duration – 5h