Lunch in nature

It is well-known that we have a good appetite in nature. We organize lunch in nature in our hiking and cycling tours, picnics, etc. Locations with excellent view, natural pine tree shadows, chef that prepares food especially for you, relaxing and enjoying in mountain air and Sun. We take you there, you only need to choose if you want to go there on foot, by bike or ATV vehicles. Anyway, all groups meet on the same place at the same time as all tours are made so their duration is the same.

While smelling the food our cook is preparing we will enjoy different activities or relax in our lazy bags. Families with children are most welcome as children will go with their own guide and after arriving at location our guide will organize mini scouting camp where children will learn basic scouting skills on a forest glade. After lunch and short or long break we come back richer with great impressions and attractive photos that will most likely be shared on social networks.