Cycling tours

Mountain biking or hill cycling is a very popular way of recreation across the world, it includes riding specially designed bikes on off-road areas.

Riding a bicycle on Kopaonik around well-chosen trails is a huge enjoyment in riding and wonderful view from the Roof of Serbia. Almost all our MTB tours include visiting different places with incredible views.

We made three categories of MTB tours. From light cycling to extreme adventures they include visits to waterfalls, mountain canyons, ancient monasteries and temples as well as adrenaline downhill riding.

Beginners  (from 45 min to 90 min)
Standard (from 90 min to 150 min)
Extreme (from 150 min to 5h)



Cycling mountainbike tour (Grand Lake – Eagle Rocks) Trail length: circa 2800 m Duration of MTB tour: 120 min Incline: 25m Level: Medium We depart from tourist center of Kopaonik, the trail goes across the flat area of Kopaonik, covered with evergreen forest and endemic flora, we reach Grand Lake which was made to provide artificial snow for the tourist center during winter. After a short break we go through forest to Jaram from where we reach Eagle rocks. The trail partially goes through the forest and partially across mountain meadows bursting with blueberries, raspberries and junipers. Cliffs are covered with runolist, endemic and protected species which is a relist from the glacial period. This wonderful flower is also known among the locals as Jagoda’s tears, after the name of a shepherd called Jagoda who lost her sheep flock and cried along this way. On places where her tears dropped runolist grows, the symbol of mountain organization.