4×4 Country Safari

Just 60 minutes drive from Belgrade, on Fruska gora, there are 16 orthodox monasteries, many rural households and typical local farms called salaš, so it represents a perfect escape the city destination.

During our tour participants will have an opportunity to enjoy plains of Srem and after reaching Fruska gora we will enter a forest where we will experience off-road driving. We will cross springs, forests, meadows, etc.

We will visit few most visited monasteries of Fruska gora after which we head towards Sremski Karlovci that preserve rich heritage of Serbian culture and spirituality. It is abundant with edifices of invaluable historical value. Wine and grapes are celebrated on its streets with poems of Branko Radicevic.

After visiting Sremski Karlovci we will visit one salaš where we will have a traditional lunch of this area. We will organize training in archery for interested participants.

After lunch we will come back to Belgrade