Kopaonik – Golija

may - october
Sa noćenjem

After Great Kopaonik Adventure we cross the Ibar and go to Golija mountain. Participants will have an opportunity to spend two days in several different activities. From cycling to kayaking, from water to the sky, etc. This will be an amazing adventure everyone will remember forever.

After you finish with your work on Friday afternoon you head to Kopaonik, arrive in the evening and check in our apartments in Konaci. In the morning you will start with your adventure that you will remember and share with others for long time. Check the timeline with all the activities.

Day 1
Day 2

Safari tour of Kopaonik peaks (2h) + Breakfast on Wolf’s trail – 120 min

The tour starts from the tourist center of Kopaonik. We go from there, across Paja’s preslo and Krcmar, to the archeological site Nebeske stolice which is the spot of breathtaking view on one part of Kosovo and Southern Serbia. After a short break and brief visit to the site we head to the Karaman part of Kopaonik and we reach the Karaman ridge where we have a traditional breakfast in a log tavern called Vucija staza (1900m above sea level). After breakfast we follow the ridge and come to Mali Karaman peak and then a stone peak Jaram where we will see magma rocks, i. e. stone granite figures. While coming back to the center we will admire a trail across dense spruce forest.

Coffee break

Short coffee break after coming back to the tourist center – 30 min

Downhill Cycling tour – The lake of Semetes – Kaznovice – 180 min

After short break a cycling guide will wait for participants in the center, next to our rent-a-bike point where we choose together suitable equipment for this activity. We head to Baciste passing nature reserves of Ladjiste and Barska reka where we will have an opportunity to enjoy intact nature while crossing forest streams, glades and centennial forests. While leaving Bukova suma of Barska reka nature we will see a waterfall hidden deep in the forest.

We will make a short break close to the Barska reka waterfall.

Cycling to the lake of Semetes will provide us an excellent view to the north of Kosovo and Raska region.

Kayak tour along the Ibar – the Century Valley – 90 min

A skipper guide will wait for participants on the river coast with kayak equipment and after short briefing participants will start their Century valley kayak tour.

The tour consists of kayak ride along the valley of old Raska where we will see 12th century monasteries on both sides of the river.

After arriving on the river coast your guide will go through basics of kayaking and rowing, introducing you to equipment and basic rules of first aid on water.

75-90 min of kayaking

During kayaking tour the first part will characterize still water so that participants get acquainted to equipment, feel water and kayak gliding on it. During the longest and middle part of our route we will face adrenaline passing along the Ibar slopes. The final part of the route will be very still where we will float and relax on the Sun with a beautiful view on the river and vivid life in its surrounding which is perfect for taking photos.

Lunch in the nature – 120 min

Just after leaving kayaks we will have a warm meal on the coast (gulaš). After changing clothes hungry participants will sit around tables and enjoy gastronomic treaties after long and physically demanding day.

Monastery tour – 180 min

After lunch we will have a short break and then we continue visiting medieval monasteries nearby along the Century Valley – Koncul Monastery, Stara Pavlica, Nova Pavlica, Gradac Monastery (UNESCO – World Heritage List).

Crossing the river with zip line or by boat we arrive at Koncul monastery and then after short visit we reach the monastery of Stara Pavlica (10th century) in only 15 minutes. The church of Holy apostles Peter and Paul is within the monastery and its founder is unknown. Based on analogy of architectural style with other churches in Greece there are claims that the church had been built before Stefan Nemanja came to the Ibar valley. After visiting the monastery we go along Gradacka reka to Gradac monastery which is on UNESCO World Heritage List. We will have dinner and spend night next to the monastery in Gradacka Banja Complex.

Gradacka Banja - dinner

In Gradacka Banja Complex is situated next to the monastery and the river, a healing water spring, along with few waterfalls and lakes. Old renewed watermills offer extraordinary accommodation.

Personal things transported from Kopaonik will wait for you here. So we will unpack after we arrive and chech in the apartments and after this we will come next to the river where the cook will fish trout and prepare it on-site.

Only those who have already had similar experience know what kind of astronomic wonders we are describing here. After an unforgettable day in a fairytale ambiance, fresh trout and home-made wine and rakija the story continues late in the night until we spend the last atom of energy.

Visiting Gradac monastery – 60 minutes

After we get up we will visit Gradac Monastery guided by the nuns.

Gradac monastery is founded by queen Helen of Anjou which was being built from 1277 to 1282, during the reign of her son king Dragutin. It is situated on a hill above Gradacka reka, on the edge of Golija forest slopes. It represents a cultural monument of high significance

Safari country tour – Breakfast 120 min

After we return to our base Gradacka Banja we go by our safari vehicles to the village of Gradac, the village next to the monastery whose inhabitants are its eternal guards, builders and defenders.

Driving around local roads we reach a village household wherw warm welcoming will be just an entrance into their world. Participants will meet hosts and their way of life, we will visit their orchards and gardens, stables and chicken coops, pet calf, lamb and maybe take some eggs.

After visiting thi household our hosts will prepare traditional breakfast for us, using food they produced and for whom the term organic production is unknown, something coming from the future.

During breakfast some participants will meet with some traditional dairy products  for the first time, like varenika or tubožak. The biggest impression on participants will definitely leave a cup of fresh milk that we have long forgotten.

After breakfast we will continue touring the village.

Gradacka Banja – Free time and recreation – 120 min

After arriving in Gradacka Banja we will have a coffee break and free time for recreation such as archerz, fishing around big lake and hiking along the river.

Safari tour – Golija mountain – 140 min

After break we will go by our safari vehicles up the river until we reach its source and then we go into dense beech forest of Golija mountain which will inspire awe due to its energy coming from sounds and shadows. Driving along forest roads we will come to hills and plateau from where splendid views provide us excellent opportunities for taking photos. After 90 minutes of driving across nature we will reach Česta vrela which is a tourist center where we will have a short break.


After break we head towards a village which is well preserved and where time stopped 2 or 3 centuries ago. The village is crisscrossed with springs and drinking water which looks like it came straight from a Tolkien novel. Our chef will wait for us here that will roast lamb in a traditional way. We will enjoy lunch and then lie down in shadows of pine trees while listening to birds.

Vilje kolo – Paragliding – 90 min

After short drive we reach plateau Vilje kolo where participants who have applied will take part in paragliding. Pilots will wait for us who will introduce us in the world of paragliding while we wait for good winds to take off into the sky above Golija and Raska.

Participants will have an opportunity to see Old Raska from bird perspective, Golija and Kopaonik and then they will land in the town of Raska.

Other participants who don’t participate in this activity go from here to Raska town from where they will observe participants on paragliders.